Sunday, May 2, 2010

Since revealing the myth and lies behind the "no wolf" Tamaskan, the Tamaskan Dog Register, headed by Blustag and Blufawn, has released information in an attempt to "combat" the documented evidence presented regarding misrepresentation of pedigree and health histories. Unfortunately, it is just an attempt to placate the public by trying to appear honorable in reporting information previously never made public. However, the information regarding health and pedigrees is still inaccurate and/or incomplete.

Again, if you are searching for a Tamaskan dog, please do ALL your homework. Ask for documented pedigrees, and then research the lines (there are many ways to cross-reference the breeders and lines with other published pedigrees). Make an informed decision. While they make attempts to discredit documented resources, the amount of evidence and people that have come forward is irrefutable. All they can do is slander, malign and attempt to discredit since they have REFUSED to provide anything solid to refute the proof (i.e., DNA samples to prove/disprove parentage).

Sadly, they also continue to seek out, harass and threaten those who have chosen to disassociate themselves and are no longer affiliated with the TDR, as well as those who have chosen to not align themselves with their ways or purchase their puppies elsewhere.

Really, there's just one question: If they are telling the truth, why do alleged 'lies' threaten them so much?

Please visit for more information regarding misrepresented pedigrees of the Tamaskan dog. Health updates and other issues will be addressed here.

We've asked repeatedly to be left alone to go our own way. However, the TDR and its minions continue to stalk us and malign us on the forum, dedicating pages and pages of CONTINUED harassment, slander and libel. The number of visits to our websites to monitor our activities is scary ... and obsessive. They insist on this activity, forcing us to continue presentation of other facts previously not released due to the AMOUNT of information we have obtained over a two year period.

We only wish to left alone to concentrate on our initial and continued goal ... a healthy, vibrant wolf-looking domestic dog.